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Thicker than Water (70 min, 2m)

As the sun makes its journey across the sky, Big and Little sit together by the ocean debating life, religion, and the nature of brotherhood. Based on The Dunes.


  • Production, October 2020, dir. Doug Paulson (postponed)

  • Reading, Teatro LATEA, November 2019, dir. Doug Paulson

The Dunes (15 min, 2m)

Two brothers sit together on a dock overlooking the waves one last time, discussing life, loss, and what it means to be a sibling.


  • Reading, Powerhouse Theater, July 2018, dir. Doug Paulson

Harlot. (10 min, 1f/1m)

On the eve of their populist governor's reelection, Portia and Brutus find themselves at odds over how to save their state. Based on Julius Caesar, Act 2, Scene 1.

Check out Chris's work on New Play Exchange here!

The Dunes, Powerhouse.jpg

Christopher Rojas and Jason Zhang in The Dunes at Powerhouse Theater, directed by Doug Paulson. (Photo by Roger Yerdon)



Stuart Kimball in Late Fame at a rookie mistake co., directed by Nicholas Polonio. 

Treasure Island: A New Children's Musical (70 min, 5+f/5+m)

Jayne Hawkins has been taught to fear her own voice-- until she discovers a treasure map and sets off for adventure, discovering the importance of defining her own path. A new, gender-equitable adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic adventure story.


  • Production, Rhode Island Youth Theatre, July 2020, dir. Jenna Tremblay (postponed)

  • Workshop, Rhode Island Youth Theatre, November 2019, dir. Jenna Tremblay

  • Commissioned, Rhode Island Youth Theatre, February 2019

Late Fame (150 min, 8f/8m)

Vienna, late 1800s. The ruthless Franz Ferdinand has taken the throne. Failed poet Eduard Saxberger and his coffeeshop gang are ready to take him down with the most powerful weapon there is... art! A radical adaptation of Arthur Schnitzler's 1895 novella, co-written with director Nicholas Polonio.


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